Tips on hiring a wedding photographer

on hiring a wedding photographer? Hiring a photographer for your wedding can be a daunting task since most of the people will be doing this for the first time and nobody wants learning experiences or surprises at the last moment. Everybody wants their wedding snaps to be the best and wishes to hire the best [...]

Questions to ask the day of your wedding

Questions to ask your wedding photographer on the day of the wedding? If you are getting married you would definitely like to preserve the memories of the occasion with as many snaps as possible, so that after some time you can always look at them and be nostalgic. Gone are the days when you just [...]

Find a destination wedding photographer

Destination weddings are fun and glamorous, but they are a lot of extra work. You have one chance to get it right. Aiming for perfection at any wedding can kill you, but there are some steps you can take to ensure your wedding photography goes as planned. Your options Hire a photographer who will travel: [...]

How to find a wedding photographer

As the saying goes, memories last a lifetime, so it is important to find a wedding photographer who will help you remember your wedding just the way you want. That’s a lot of pressure, and finding a photographer isn’t easy. Some places will yield better leads than others, and while some are great for getting [...]

Wedding Photography: The Engagement Shoot

So, you’re engaged – congratulations! Too often these days engagements aren’t celebrated because money is tight, or time is short, and besides, isn’t organizing the wedding more important? The thing is, wedding preparations can be stressful and time-consuming (and expensive) too, so your engagement is a wonderful chance to simply enjoy the moment and celebrate [...]

Wedding photography mistakes and pitfalls

When choosing a photographer, the biggest mistakes include… Not considering the photographer’s personality: The sample albums you see may look great, but if the couple and the photographer don’t have a good rapport, the couple will be disappointed in not only the experience but in the final product. Hiring someone the basis of recommendations: Recommendations [...]

Wedding photography: What are you paying for?

Wedding photography is expensive – even the photographers themselves admit that. You’re likely paying upwards of $2,000 for a day’s worth of work. What are you getting for your money? Photographs: The first thing you’re paying for, obviously, is a set of photographs. This includes candid shots, portraits and possibly an album. The candids are [...]